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Is Email Marketing Dead?

In this day and age when we all receive so many incoming messages on a daily basis to our inbox, you might ask yourself if email marketing is still alive ? Is it an effective means of marketing, particularly for tech companies?

According to Hubspot, in 2021, 77% of marketers reported seeing more engagement with emails than over the previous year. During CoVid shut downs and 100-percent remote working arrangements, email recipients were a captive audience.

In 2022, however, many employees are back in the office or at least pursuing a hybrid work arrangement. They are not the totally captive audience they were in 2020 or even 2021. However, email is still an effective means of communicating with your target audience.

Email delivers ROI. According to Litmus' State of Email Report, email delivers $36 for every $1 spent. How should you finetune your email strategy? Here are three approaches:

  1. Personalization: This doesn't mean simply addressing your email to the recipient by name, such as 'Dear John' though that can certainly be part of personalization Who doesn't like being addressed by their name? Additionally, personalization means serving up emails with content that aligns with the recipients persona and by sending emails that align with personalized content that they are interested in receiving. Personalize email content by providing product and solution information that aligns with what the recipient has been researching or inquiring about.

  2. Automation: Automated emails should be nurture campaigns -- a series of emails that are deployed to a target over a period of time that serves up compelling content that aligns with the targets interest.

  3. Analytics: Measure how your emails perform and then work towards making improvements. The benchmarks you need to pay attention to are Open Rates, Click Through Rates, Click to Open Rates and Unsubscribes.

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