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Content is King

Content creation is the process of creating various creative assets and formats that serve the needs of a content strategy and its objectives so that you can increase visibility for your

business and its products and services and engage with your audiences -- both existing customers as well as prospects. It is the means by which you drive traffic to your website, create leads, generate engagement and sales and other business outcomes.

The four pillars of Content Marketing include:

  1. Understanding the profile of who you want to consume your content.

  2. Having a plan for creating and publishing that content.

  3. Making your content meaningful, useful and interesting to your audience.

  4. Continuing to build your brand through the consistent publication of meaningful content.

What can Ignite+Propel do to assist with your content creation? We can create a content plan and supporting content based on an understanding of your target audience. Targeted content may include case studies, blog posts, e-books newsletters, video and infographics with the goal of establishing your company as a technology thought leader in your business community. Reach out to me at

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