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Is a Marketing Audit a Wise Investment?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A marketing audit is an important tool for MSPs, VARs and Agents, which can produce tangible benefits by helping a company as it develops a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan. As business owners and C-level executives often are pulled in many directions with competing priorities, hiring an experienced marketing consultant to conduct the audit can be a wise investment.

Three Reasons to Conduct a Marketing Audit:

  1. A Marketing Audit will help you discover your company's strengths and weaknesses, which can then help you promote your competitive advantage for customers and prospects who choose to do business with you. Developing your unique selling proposition and supporting marketing message becomes more clear.

  2. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help in evaluating and choosing various strategies as well as actionable marketing tactics that can be employed.

  3. As resources are finite, a Marketing Audit will help you prioritize expenditures and establish a budget that aligns with available resources -- where can you get the biggest bang for your buck?

Who Benefits from a Marketing Audit?

Your marketing team benefits by a having an objective third-party marketing expert evaluate your company's marketing plan, strategies, goals and objectives, and the marketing mix that is being employed. Business owners and executive management benefit by having the consultant's expertise to identify areas for improvement and by bringing new ideas and trends to the table, as well as identifying and proposing new state-of-the art marketing tools.

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